About Jess Morris

Elevating Real Estate, One Goal at a Time.

Jess Morris is a highly experienced real estate coach and mentor, who is passionate about helping real estate professionals achieve their goals and build successful and fulfilling careers. As a wife and mom of two, Jess understands the unique challenges that women face in balancing their personal and professional lives. She has experienced firsthand the cycle of guilt, confusion, and frustration that can come with trying to juggle a successful career and a happy family life.

Despite these challenges, Jess’s love for the real estate industry has never waned. She is passionate about helping people find their dream homes, make a return on their investments, and build a better future for their families. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the industry have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor to real estate professionals of all levels.

Jess’s coaching program is designed to help real estate professionals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. She provides practical tools and strategies for managing time, streamlining workflows, and building strong relationships with clients. She also helps her clients develop the confidence and resilience they need to succeed in the highly competitive real estate industry.

With her extensive experience in the industry, Jess has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that real estate professionals face. She is committed to helping her clients achieve success and build fulfilling careers, while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

If you’re looking for a coach who understands your challenges and can help you achieve your goals, Jess Morris is the ideal partner for you. Her passion, experience, and commitment to excellence make her one of the most sought-after real estate coaches in the industry.

What clients say about Jess

“I was feeling stuck in my personal life and was struggling to make progress towards my goals. That’s when I decided to try coaching, and it was a game-changer. Jess was able to help me identify my values, set realistic goals, and develop a plan for achieving them. Through coaching, I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs and develop the confidence and resilience I needed to succeed. I am so grateful for the support and guidance I received through coaching, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.”

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Kim G

“As a woman in the real estate industry, I have faced my fair share of challenges and obstacles. But with Jess’s coaching, I feel like I have the tools and strategies I need to succeed. Jess provides a supportive and encouraging environment that allows me to ask questions, share my experiences, and learn from her expertise. She has helped me develop stronger sales and marketing skills, as well as practical tools for managing my time and tasks. I am grateful for the support and guidance I have received from Jess, and I would recommend her coaching program to any woman looking to succeed in the real estate industry.”

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Julia E

“I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by the demands of my job, and I knew I needed to make a change. Stepping out and trusting Jess’s coaching, was one of the best decisions I ever made. Jess was able to help me identify the areas where I was struggling and provided me with practical solutions and strategies to overcome my fears. Through coaching, I was able to improve my communication skills, build stronger relationships with my colleagues, and increase my job satisfaction. I am so grateful for the support and guidance I received .”

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Tosha S

Organization is Vital!

In today's fast-paced world, organization is vital to success in any endeavor, and this is especially true in the real estate industry.

As a real estate professional, you need to be able to manage multiple tasks, deadlines, and priorities at once, all while maintaining a high level of productivity and efficiency. Download the free planner I’ve created to help get you there!

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